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Production line quality management


Production line quality management

The quality is the product key, high-quality products, is a magic weapon for enterprise competition to win. How to make production line quality management, we need to proceed from the following aspects

I, human

The staff is the enterprise all quality activities, executive. To train the employee self-management consciousness:

A, the operator of the "three," according to the "three self", "one control". Three: according to the drawings, according to according to the process, in accordance with the standard production. Self: for the inspection of their products, their distinction between qualified and unqualified products, do a good job in their own logo (processors, date quality status).

A control: control self qualified rate.

B, carry out the "three no", "three analysis" activities: Three: not accept the bad products, not create bad products, not passing defective products; three analysis: when there is quality problem, should be promptly organize relevant personnel to call quality analysis, hazard analysis: quality problem, reason, cause quality problems measures to be taken.

II, equipment

Machinery and equipment, test frame, writing frame is the sword of the production site

Let the machine equipment "obedient", insist on doing the maintenance level, according to the provisions of the aging inspection. According to the product updates, in a timely manner of machinery and equipment updating.

III, material

One can't make bricks without straw, material quality problem is often the main reason for the site quality abnormity, in material management, the need to establish product materials list, material used for preventing error, material placing region prevents mixing, do incoming inspection work, bad products timely processing, communication. Do poor control in the incoming link.

IV, method

Enterprise culture, principles, technical means, standard specification and so on is winning magic weapon of enterprise in the same industry in competition.

Mainly to do the "four modernizations": 1, the process of standardization work system of 2, 3, 4, operation simple design Yu Qiao

Operating in accordance with the correct specification.

V, the environment

External competition, the living environment; internal working environment, the scene and the atmosphere. Mainly includes the soft and hard environment

Soft environment: team climate, team culture, the growth potential of

The hard environment: work space place on product protection, temperature, humidity, air cleanliness (dust, electrostatic, cilia), auxiliary facilities, activities may harm.

For the above aspects, we should strictly control the process quality management in the production line. The standard operation, the quality.

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