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To judge the merits of electric vehicle controller


To judge the merits of electric vehicle controller

I entered the company has more than half a year, the brain electric vehicle controller in this period of time I understand and learn the most close to our life electric vehicle, through learning I understand the relevant knowledge of electric vehicle controller, how to judge the merits of master controller. The following is how to judge the merits of the presented controller:

1, carefully observe the work

A controller work embodies one of the strength of the company, under the same conditions, workshop controller and certainly not to the company's products; manual welding products and certainly not to wave soldering down products; controller delicate appearance rather than do not pay attention to the appearance of the product; use coarse wire controller is better than the wire Jerry controller; controller radiator weight the light controller is better than the radiator and so on, the pursuit of the company is relatively high reliability in the materials and processes, comparison can be see.

2, comparison of temperature rise

Two different controllers are blocking the heating test under the same conditions, and supporting foot with a car, the first rotation, up to its top speed, brake immediately, do not brake die, lest the controller into the locked rotor protection, loosen at very low speed for 5 seconds, brake, quickly reached the high speed, then the brakes, the repetition of the same operation, such as 30, the highest temperature point detection of radiator.

Comparative data with two controllers, the lower the temperature. Test conditions should ensure that the same limiting, the same battery capacity, the same car, the same car from the cold start test, keeping the same brake pressure and time. At the end of the test should check the screw tightness degree of the fixed MOS, loose more show the use of insulating plastic particle temperature differential Xingyue resistance, in the long-term use, this will cause the MOS ahead of time because of the heat damage. Thermal design of the controller can be inspected.

3, to observe the anti pressure control ability

Select a car, power can be a little larger, unplug the battery charger for electric vehicles, selection of power supply, connected the E-ABS enabled terminal, to ensure good contact lever switch. Slowly turn the rotating handle, too fast charger can output large current will cause undervoltage, let the motor to the high-speed, fast braking, repeatedly, should not appear MOS damage phenomenon. When braking, the voltage output end of the charger will rise rapidly, the test controller moment limiting ability, the test if the battery test basically no effect.

4, the ability of the current control

Ground full of batteries, the bigger the better, let the motor to the high-speed, short circuit, optionally two motor output line is repeated 30 more times, there should not be a MOS damage; let the motor to the high-speed, with a motor line battery cathode and an optional short-circuit, repeated 30 times, rapid control ability test the controller. A lot of the controller will make a fool of yourself in this link, if damaged, can compare the number two controller successfully to withstand short circuit, the less the difference. Reliability design of this part of the experiment can verify the controller software and hardware.

55, check the controller efficiency

Close the overspeed function, if any, in the same car no-load condition test the different controller to achieve high speed, the higher the speed, efficiency is higher, the mileage is relatively high.

The above experiments were carried out in the case of no special equipment, strong operability and wide contrast controller in workmanship, temperature rise, the difference of voltage and current control and efficiency, can basically reflect the quality controller. Consumers in the purchase of electric vehicles can choose according to the above experimental methods, to buy more assured of electric vehicle.