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Type test detailed testing of electric vehicle controller


Type test detailed testing of electric vehicle controller

1 Overview

Should the dynamometer controller design in electric vehicle or vehicle manufacturing factory approved do dynamic electrical testing. For road vehicles for traffic, car city cycle, recommend the use of ISO standards or other agreed.

The 2 type of test

Before the controller commercialization, type tests shall be borne by the producer of electric vehicle controller, which prove that the characteristics of the controller described in this report can meet the predetermined requirements of application. Type test further should be carried out in the production operation, to ensure that can meet the characteristic requirements. Design or material in the production of a series of changes shall be consistent with the user needs further experiment to evaluate.

(Note: must recognize that setting specific tests are destructive).

1) mechanical testing

Mechanical tests were performed to ensure that in considering the geometrical size, structure, use, vibration damping, water and noise generated under such circumstances, can still meet the characteristic requirements.

2) electrical test

Electrical tests were conducted to ensure that, when the controller is installed on the electric vehicle, considering the temperature range, operation of the humidity control function, performance conditions of chain device and extreme electrical condition, still can meet the characteristic requirements.

3) dielectric strength test

Dielectric strength test shall be in accordance with the relevant requirements of the new controller completely re manufacturing of.

4) the internal temperature

Tests shall be carried out using the controller in the test cycle recognition and measurement, the maximum temperature inside the device, any single device temperature can maximum value exceeds the device producers allowed, for serious conditions should be controller using standard in the test of cooling device. In the experiment, if the installation of the temperature protection device should be tested.

5) the voltage limit

The controller should be tested in order to meet the operation, in the voltage range such as running voltage limit the inner and, if the specified battery end voltage over the range, should be examined to determine no harm.

6) electromagnetic interference

To cope with the electric vehicle controller check to ensure the scope of electromagnetic radiation generated in the operation of the controller does not exceed the prescribed, and also to ensure that the external electromagnetic interference test generation, whether because of its operation is due to load other on traction battery operation, have negative effect not.