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Electric bicycle controller FAQ


Electric bicycle controller FAQ

1 Why is connected with the controller power line, and sometimes there will be "spark phenomenon pa"?

Internal controller with electrolytic capacitor large, ignition is a process of charging a capacitor, capacitance electric case connected with the power line will not have a sparking phenomenon.

2 met the bicycle out of control, loose turn the brake will not decelerate when how to do?

Immediately close the electric door lock.

3 why startup can hear the sound of a "buzz" car?

Motor start to a speed and overall vehicle resonance phenomenon, different noise models of different sizes, not due to improper control so that the motor produces sound.

4 why sometimes power plus turn a little action are not?

Several reasons: first, check the battery voltage, and whether the controller, controller only inserted in turn, the phase line and the Holzer line, power line inspection after controller whether there really energized, and then replace the turn test, check whether the motor and controller, degree, also not have to replace the controller.

5 and turn why sometimes motor move, sometimes not moving?

First check the motor and the controller (60 degrees or 120 degrees), and then check whether the motor and controller, phase sequence (motor and Holzer is connected to the corresponding color).

6 and turn can sometimes turn, sometimes to power a motor to turn?

Check whether the next phase connected well, probably caused by phase wires of the motor phase lack, also can not solve the problem of the controller is damaged, need to be replaced.

7 electric cars sometimes stop and go is what reason?

First of all, if added turn the motor can rotate, but after a few seconds and then stopped, repeated, with a digital multimeter to measure the DC voltage profile close to the battery voltage, the controller on the subject of undervoltage value, indicating that this failure is caused by the battery power is low. Solution: will charge the battery or battery replacement.

Then check the power line, turn the line, motor phase Holzer contact is good, solution: check the line terminal and fits well.

Then may be motor overheating can not run, temperature decreased again after restarting, such a failure would occur in some motor. Solution: replace the motor.

Then may be the controller of internal fault, solution of internal electronic components failure,: replacement controller.

8 why the car start feeling when no strength?

First, check the battery voltage is relatively low, can use digital multimeter measuring the voltage is close to the undervoltage value, undervoltage, solution: will charge the battery or battery replacement.

Check whether the switch to the fault, with a digital multimeter to measure the DC voltage profile turn on voltage signal line, if the maximum value is much lower than the 3.6V, will then cause the start and cycling weakness.

There may be a controller using "soft start" function, this function has a protective effect on the controller and the battery, do not affect the restart after riding. Solution: the controller does not have to replace this function.

There may be a controller failure, such as limiting value is too small, the solution: replace the controller.

There may be a motor fault, such as the motor turns short circuit etc..

9 start of loud noise when it is what reason?

1 motor self noise, motor due to design or overheating, long use time may cause, noise when starting solution: replace the motor. The 2 controller and motor matching problem, the controller software processing is not perfect, compatibility is not strong. Solution: replace the controller. 3 motor start to a speed with the electric bicycle to produce resonance, solution: replace with other electric bicycle or controller and such vehicles dedicated to do matching (effect may not be obvious).

10 Why do some controller turned the ground cannot turn, some controller can turn?

Earth cannot turn is controller has run anti runaway protection, should have the function, but there are still part of the controller is not, or this function is not stable (and matching turn voltage signal related), some turn off the ground to protect, some turn not.

11 why turn to ride for a period of time after the car is still marching song turn?

The controller into the auto cruise function, and needs to exit the cruise state to lift it, there are several ways: brake, loose turn after turn off the switch or add a lock.

12 ride transit do not reset when the brake why don't work?

Brake failure, in the brake when the brake handle and not to the controller and braking signal, the reasons for this phenomenon may be a brake handle bad contact switch, or the line is disconnected. The brake line from the controller can be pulled out, in a pinch the brake handle the case with digital universal measuring diode profile measuring brake two lines is short, the normal should be short, rejected that brake handle damaged, solution: replace the brake handle or connect the line disconnection. If the brake handle is normal, then check whether the brake controller and controller is consistent, high level brake, brake line one is connected the positive pole of the power supply, if the controller is low brake, brake line one is connected the negative pole of the power supply. To solve the law: will brake line followed correctly connected. The 2 controller internal brake input circuit is bad, this situation also not brake signal transmitted to the controller, also cannot have the brake function, so that the controller in turn not reset the situation continued to drive the motor forward, showing the brake no effect.