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Lithium electric bike



In 2014, the global economic downturn, the electric car industry is also not spared, influence of the southern policy coupled with a lead the whole southern electric vehicle market situation is grim!

The first half of 2014, the electric car enterprises and dealers sales generally occur obvious decline, including as a symbol of the industrial base of Wuxi and Tianjin, and the highest rate of decline of more than 40%!

Nevertheless, there are still some dealers reflect "can see the chance and hope the industry". According to the author's investigation found in the south, although the current lead-acid electric vehicle in the South market route, policy suck, but lithium models - especially skateboarding model obviously start 10493, some manufacturers and foreign trade joint out of the country, to the world.

From the statistical data shows China bicycle association, the whole market sales fell significantly. The top 50 industries in the lead-acid electric car brand sales fell 5.8%, the whole. In 2013 the luxury models popular in South market, however, from the first half of this year's situation, luxury trend obvious. Policy to suppress lead-acid electric vehicles, lithium trams and scooter simple in gradually occupied the market.

Some electric cars dealers also see the trend of the market, he said: "the development, not optimistic about the lead-acid and electrical friction in the southern style single, purely to low-cost, the homogenization of competition, not sell, a car to earn 200 have some difficulty. Government departments to check from time to time also exceed the standard car, too tired. So I went through the personality and individuality of lithium electric scooter." He sells about 8 vehicles per day on average. According to the said, taking a brand's new car as an example, according to the new car delivery price and retail price to calculate, removing the overhead, the minimum profit per vehicle in 500 yuan, his daily profit about 4000 yuan in the next. Another dealer Mr. Li has a different view of electric motorcycle. He is walking on luxury kuju monopoly routes, "an average car can earn 600-1200 yuan". However, the Lee also admits, the last three months, he shipments decreased more than 50%.

From the above two people conversation can be clearly seen, at least in the South market, lithium scooter accounted for the upper hand in and foot electric motorized "confrontation", market share has improved significantly, industry insiders estimate that next year could double lithium tram retains the quantity.

Lithium tram erosion luxury site causes a comprehensive analysis:

What is the reason lead to lithium electric scooter suddenly popular in South market? The specific point of view, mainly for the following reasons:

First, the policy effect. Guangzhou "Five Prohibitions" impact of Guangzhou and the surrounding city, lead luxury and electric motorized dealers can not sell, not production manufacturers, consumers do not buy. In Shenzhen I see greater China CG and JC randomly stopped electric cars confiscated, even for the production of standard car manufacturers direct seal factory, manufacturers and dealers have to look the other way.

Second, lithium trams, scooter design low repair rate. Mr. Wang said, "I sold the car basically no rework. The scooter has the advantages of simple design, consumer participation, can DIY modification. Because of low repair rate, quality consumers recognized lithium tram and scooter." In the lead-acid car and luxury models, the majority of dealers said, as the car sell do not move, so can only rely on the repair parts to make money. So the vicious circle, let consumers form an impression: the quality of lithium tram, scooter than luxury good.

Third, scooter tricks, updates faster, more attractive to consumers. We note that the part of the flagship luxury models of the dealers often complained that his agent brand product updates speed is too slow, no new products to fill the facade. But in contrast to scooter as the main models of the business, but no such confusion. This is because the slide models of simple design, pattern is more, the introduction of new frequency significantly faster. "New slow we don't pay out earn quickly too fast." Mr. Wang in an interview also specifically pointed out that this point.

Fourth, to open up foreign markets. At present the market in Europe and other overseas market for Chinese manufacturing began to sit up and take notice, a part of the earliest bicycle factory addition of lithium tram and scooter production and export of camp. Although the market in accordance with the retention rate, the southern area is still luxury of the world, but to sell new share, lithium trams and scooter has become dominant, part of the new share as high as 40%.

Especially after the 90 after 00 gradually become a consumer led, personality, fashion has become the pursuit of the route, with the urbanization process, lithium trams and the scooter can adapt to the younger consumer groups and the process of urbanization. This balance, South market would be lithium trams and scooter "devour".

Fifth, lithium trams and scooter configuration, endurance increased, part functional than lead-acid luxury car is more interesting and easy to operate. Some manufacturers have intelligent mobile phone and electric combination, make the mobile phone APP, real-time monitoring, practical and interesting, the young love.

In this, the scheme's effect can not be neglected. Silicon microelectronics in lithium battery technology research with great concentration, the current market share of lithium scheme accounted for more than 70%, lithium sine wave program can perfect matching of all kinds of 154 motor and high-speed toothed motor, for some export unit developed electric go karts, electric scooters, and other types of lithium electric control scheme, at home and abroad the personage inside the industry intersection praise, then, silicon microelectronics will increase R & D efforts in this field, research and development of lithium tram scheme better use, seek progress of enterprises, promote the development of the industry.


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